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CUE 2040 Symposium: Looking Ahead – RSVP by December 9

Posted on: Dec 7, 2019

Everyone is invited to attend the CUE 2040 Symposium:  Looking Ahead.

December 16, 2019 – 9:00am-4:30pm

What sort of a university will Concordia University of Edmonton need to be in 2040? The challenge before us is to prepare graduates for a new world, a future world of uncertainty and opportunity, and to ensure that the Mission of Concordia University of Edmonton is actualized in that world.

Are there clues that can help us to discern what our graduates, researchers, and innovators will need in the world of 2040 and beyond? This symposium, facilitated by renowned experts in higher education and disruptive change, draws upon what we know now and what we might reasonably predict for the future in order to spark a dialogue that looks beyond our immediate present.


Alex Usher is the founding president of Higher Education Strategy Associates. Mr. Usher has managed and coordinated national research programs at EPI (Canada), where he was the director of the Canadian office (2004-2009), and at the Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation, where he served as Director of Research and Program Development (2000-2003). Mr. Usher earned a bachelor’s degree in history from McGill University and a master’s degree in political science from Carleton University. Throughout his career, Mr. Usher’s involvements have focused on the context of and policy environment of postsecondary education. He is the author or co-author of dozens of articles and monographs. In total, he has over fifteen years of experience as a researcher and report writer.

Stephen Prendiville is a Partner at Ernst & Young LLP where he specializes in assisting clients make, and execute upon major infrastructure investment decisions.

Originally from Ireland, Stephen came to North America in 2011 and since then has called Austin TX, Fort Mac, Edmonton, Toronto and now Edmonton again – home, having advised on over USD$50 billion of infrastructure projects to date. He is consulted globally on infrastructure projects, particularly in the delivery and execution of Metro/LRT systems. In addition, for EY, Stephen is a member of their Global Cities forum and leads the Canadian EY cities and municipalities community to explore the challenges and opportunities posed by disruptive technology and demographic change.

This role has allowed Stephen the privilege of discussion and debate on many major issues and opportunities across the country as we collectively prepare for the disruption age.

Schedule for event

RSVP by December 9 for the event