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Concordia Hosts the Team Canada Women’s Deaf Volleyball Team

Posted on: Dec 21, 2016

Concordia is pleased to announce that Dr. Colin Neufeldt has been named Dean of Graduate Studies. Dr. Neufeldt has worked as an Associate Professor of History at CUE for many years, and most recently has served as our interim Dean of Graduate Studies and Program Development. We are pleased to have Dr. Neufeldt continue to work with our faculty and administrative team.

In addition, the Program Development role that was previously linked to graduate studies has been included in a new position of ‘Director of Institutional Research and Program Development’, reporting directly to the VPA and Provost. This is a non-faculty position that will take on all of the program development duties previously undertaken by the Dean. It will also involve institutional research that includes an examination of Concordia data and external data in areas such as labour market trends. This will help us to make decisions as we move the institution forward. Dr. Cecilia Bukutu has accepted this position and will start work at Concordia on January 16, 2017.