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Posted on: Nov 9, 2018

Here’s Why: Portable space heaters are a poor way to provide temperature control. They often warm the space above the set-point of the room thermostat. That tells the building control system to turn on the Air Conditioning. So while your feet are toasty warm you may need to don a toque as the building system blasts cold air on your head. It thinks your room is too hot.
That doesn’t just effect you, it will disrupt the controls from the entire section. Even if You aren’t adversely effected; your neighbors may be, (the ones without the space heater, but suffering from the blast of cold air you have created). And our technicians can’t resolve the problem for them because the system is being fooled by your space heater.
It creates a “snowball effect, where soon everyone needs a space heater because the entire building system running in cooling mode in winter. Yes, this is happening! And it is because space heaters are telling the building system that the rooms are too hot.
What’s the solution? E-Mail Plant Operations at al.lyons@concordia.ab.ca or bob.thompson@concordia.ab.ca We will send an HVAC Technician your way to check and adjust or repair the system in your area.
Tried that? Didn’t work? Sometimes it takes a few attempts to sort out the problem. There are many components to the system that must work in concert to provide you with a comfortable environment. Call back. We’ll keep working on it.
Portable Space Heaters are a terribly inefficient way to stay warm. They are expensive to operate and are often banned in work environments due to the risk of fire. Paper and other combustibles often find their way too close to the space heater and the result can be catastrophic.
I know most people are very conscientious when using these devices, but everyone forgets sometimes.
Portable Space Heaters have their purposes. Sometimes, through building re-design or furniture layout, the problem simply can’t be solved any other way. But please, let us have a shot at it first. The first step should be to get the system running properly. Not plugging in another space heater.