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Changes in the Academic Administration – Assistant Vice-President Research

Posted on: Apr 6, 2021


Updated portfolio of the Assistant Vice-President Research

As of April 1st, the portfolio for the Assistant Vice-President Research (AVPR), Dr. Ramses Ilarraza, has expanded.

The AVPR now oversees both the Office of Research Services and the newly-created Office of Teaching and Learning.




Office of Research Services

The Office of Research Services continues under the supervision of the AVPR, but day-to-day operations are now carried out by the Research Administrator, Quinn Carter. External and Internal Research Grants,  research expenditures and other matters related to research funding administrations must be addressed directly with the Office of Research Services. The ORS continues to provide virtual services due to COVID-19, until further notice.


The new Office of Teaching and Learning

Starting on April 1st, the Senior Educational Developer, Dr. Daniel Braun, will lead the newly created Office of Teaching and Learning, reporting directly to the AVPR. For matters related to this new office, please contact Dr. Braun.

Holding a PhD in Sociology, Danny also brings a wide range of experience in all aspects of faculty development as well as curriculum development and review.


Joining this new office is a new Instructional Designer, Deanna Deveau, under the direct supervision of the Senior Educational Developer. Information on this new position has been released separately. The OTL will provide services in virtual form until further notice.