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Centre for Chinese Studies Summer Program Update

Posted on: Jul 31, 2019

The Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS) has enjoyed working with and getting to know the 39 students and 2 supervisors from Capital Normal University (CNU), Qilu Normal University (QLNU), and the Education University of Hong Hong (EDUHK) over the past month.

Here are some of the students’ thoughts about life in Canada and Concordia University of Edmonton…

            “Coming to Canada, I especially like the environment here and the fresh air. The people here are very friendly. And the food here, although I’m not used to it, it [tastes] quite good.”

            “I like [the] dormitory because there is a beautiful view outside the window. I can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery while studying.”

            “I like the river course and the residential area near the campus very much. I often take a walk with my friends after dinner and look at the villas on the street while walking.”


During the week, the students take credit courses such as ENGL 101, PESS 293, and PACT 240. Students taking SOC 102 had the opportunity to participate in field experiences with local non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Edmonton Food Bank, and even got an exclusive tour of the Edmonton Police Headquarters with policeman Dan Jones. Even though the classes may be challenging, the students express enthusiasm:   

           “When I work with my partner on a class paper in a group coming up with different ideas, I really enjoy that and feel delighted because we often share with each other in such a heterogeneous environment.”

            “The teacher’s enthusiasm and passion touched me. Teachers often praise and encourage everyone.”

Each weekend since arrival, the students have participated in cultural activities. A favorite of many students was K Days, which conveniently took place across the street from campus.

            “The happy moment of me is about K Days, it is very interesting, and I can play with another exchange student, that is so great. If there are any possible, I hope to visit again or back to that day. It is the most happy and unforgettable experience in this trip.”

In addition, the students experienced their first football game and watched as the Edmonton Eskimos took on the Toronto Argonauts at Commonwealth Stadium.

            “This was my first time watching an Eskimos game. The rules are hard to understand but the atmosphere on the scene is really good… It feels great to watch the ball at home field. I hope the Eskimo team can always win.”


The students are all excited for the next half of their adventure and still have a lot to look forward to!