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Centre for Chinese Studies Summer Program News

Posted on: Jul 17, 2017

The CCS (Centre for Chinese Studies) summer program students from CNU (Capital Normal University, China) have settled in and successfully completed their first week of study and life on campus.

In addition to their courses and studies, they have gone to the Fort Edmonton Park (with IESP students) on Saturday and Shakespeare in the Park on Sunday.

Here are some of their reflections about CUE:

* The first thing that caught my eyes are the smiles of all the students and staff on campus. This makes me feel warm and welcome!

* The campus is very beautiful, quiet and large.

* The local students and teachers are very helpful, warm-hearted and friendly. We made our presentation together. They helped me a lot.

* My first impression of Concordia are the beautiful surroundings and the warm welcome!

* Concordia is just like a village. The weather is cool. The air is fresh. The sky is blue. And the people are very nice. We can do whatever we want to do.

* There are many animals on campus such as rabbits, squirrels and even deer. The surroundings of the school make me feel comfortable.

* There are few people on the streets. The scenery is beautiful. The sky is clear. There are many green plants, and the air is good. People here are very enthusiastic and helpful, and they will take the initiative to help you and make you feel warm.

* One of the greatest challenges is sleeping on the upper bunk every night, yet I find it’s extremely exciting.

* I think the most challenging thing for me so far is finishing our group assignment. We are asked to communicate and share our ideas with local classmates. This is not common practice in China.

* I can understand what the local people say, but it is difficult for me to express myself.

* I am used to studying by myself and now we need to communicate with CUE local classmates. I need to learn how to express my opinions and work as a team.

* The most surprising part for me is the beautiful and clean environment here in Canada. This makes me quite comfortable.

* The atmosphere of our class surprised me. All the students are actively involved and try to motivate each other. I really enjoy it.

* The buses here are very user friendly. There is an electric ramp at the door to assist people in need to get on and off easily. I like this design very much.

* All the local people are very kind and friendly. This makes me feel very good and comfortable.

* lvan (the security lady at Concordia) helped us a lot when we came here on the first day. She’s very cute and kind. My luggage did not arrive with me on the same day but was delivered to me the next day. The airport shuttle driver asked me for the directions of driving. But I didn’t even know I am here, never mind telling him how to get here. Ivan helped me contact the airport and got the luggage for me! I am so thankful for all the help she gave me.

* My favourite place on campus is the Tegler Student Centre. It is multi-functional and I feel free and relaxing in it.

* The gym provides students enough space to exercise. I go to the gym two hours every day, I love it!

* The Hole Academic Centre is so big and bright. It’s very suitable for group learning.

* My favourite place at Concordia so far is the library. It’s very beautiful and quiet. There are so many comfortable sofas and chairs so that we can sit there to study or have group discussions. I like this atmosphere, which can make us learn more effectively.

* My favourite thing to do at Concordia is jogging with my friends in the neighbourhood, the buildings are so beautiful, and the environment is quiet, I can enjoy the scenery while jogging!

* I like walking around the school with my roommate. The buildings here are very beautiful, with unique styles. And the weather is very comfortable. The air is really fresh. People are really friendly! I love them all! I am enjoying this experience very much!

* I want to learn more about the local culture here. I think it maybe a good chance to learn the culture and history this year since it is Canada 150th birthday. I am looking forward to studying and life here in July and August.

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