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Centre For Chinese Studies (CCS) Promotes Workshop on Global Perspectives of Inclusive Education

Posted on: May 18, 2017

The Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS) at CUE was delighted to invite Prof. Chris Forlin to present at the Global Perspectives of Inclusive Education Workshop to Alberta educators on May 15. Principals, teachers, administrators and students from the Alberta government, urban and rural public schools, private schools and post-secondary institutions participated the interactive and engaging workshop. Besides international models being explored with an emphasis on Western and Chinese approaches to inclusion, participants also engaged in and learned from discussions regarding best practices of inclusive education. A range of pertinent issues regarding inclusive education were explored. Participants from diverse levels shared their own experiences of the practicality of providing for all learners within the regular school system and explored a systemic and whole school approach to Inclusion. If you are interested in learning more about what was covered at the workshop and what was presented by Prof. Chris Forlin, please feel free to contact Dr. Xinxin Fang.

The CCS would like to thank all the participants, faculty and staff for the great support you have given to the success of the workshop. Great thanks to Prof. Chris Forlin and President Tim Loreman for their contribution in the workshop. The CUE is proud to build bridges among educators locally, nationally and internationally.

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