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Café CIC – The Passion and Chemistry of Chocolate

Posted on: Apr 11, 2018

The Passion and Chemistry of Chocolate

How is chocolate made? Is eating chocolate healthy?
What is this white blotchy stuff on my chocolate bar?
Is chocolate really addictive and an aphrodisiac?

These are some of the questions that will be answered as we learn about one of the world’s favourite foods, from chocolate manufacturing to the chemistry behind this treat. The presentation will touch on topics including the effect of chocolate on brain chemistry and the science behind getting those delicious morsels to melt in the mouth and feel just right on the tongue.

The evening will also include a practical ‘laboratory’ component by way of a guided tasting from a professional chocolatier. So, if you have a passion for chocolate or know someone who does, join Dr. Ken Schmidt and Dr. Dietmar Kennepohl for this descriptive and humorous presentation to see how the simple cacao bean has become so well loved.

7:00 pm Tuesday 17 April 2018
Tegler Centre
Concordia University of Edmonton
7128 Ada Boulevard
Edmonton, Alberta T5B 4E4

Admission fees
$10 CIC members & students
$15 non-members
Seating is limited for this event. Please reserve your place as soon as possible by sending a message to
Dr. Lucio Gelmini at <gelminil@macewan.ca>