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ATTENTION VP’S and BCOs: Clarification on Approvals for Account Codes 5270, 5534, 5545

Posted on: Jun 21, 2021

There has been some confusion in regards to the approval of expenses in the following account codes. Therefore, the finance office would like to provide some clarification:

5270 – Conference/Registration Fees

As per our Account Code Descriptions, 5270 requires VP approval. Therefore, expenses and invoices will be routed accordingly in Chrome River if expensed to that account code.

5534- Institutional Membership

Institutional memberships are all approved by the President’s Office and coded to department 8610 only. Expenses and invoices will route accordingly in Chrome River. 

5545- Non-Institutional Memberships

Non-institutional are paid on a reimbursement basis only and corporate MasterCard cannot be used. This also requires VP approval and will route accordingly in Chrome River.


For more information please check out our Account Code Descriptions on Alfresco. If you have any questions or concerns email finance@concordia.ab.ca, we would be happy to help!