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Attention CUE Community: About Contacting Donors and Government Representatives

Posted on: Jan 27, 2020

Attention Concordia Faculty, Staff and Students:

Any question regarding contacting donors, potential donors, corporate or private, for any event or project or program related to CUE, should be brought beforehand to our Director for Community Relations, Jelena Bojic (Office of the VPEI) in order to strategize the approach and to verify CUE’s development strategies, avoiding surprises and unpleasant duplications and outcomes in our donor, alumni and community relations. Her office is S204, ext.247.


Also, before contacting any Government officials for CUE (for possible visits, tours, events, speaking engagements, etc), in any of the three levels – city, provincial, federal -, please first contact the Office of the President, which directs and coordinates, with VPEI, CUE’s entire government relations. We have an official protocol, that you may find in the link:

Concordia Visitor Protocol