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Alertus Emergency Notification App

Posted on: Mar 1, 2017
Concordia University of Edmonton uses the Alertus app to provide emergency messages to our campus community. Concordia University in Montreal also uses the Alertus app for emergency messaging. While there are credentials required to sign up for both apps please check that you do in fact have the Concordia University of Edmonton app. You can recognise it as it has our name in the top red header. The Concordia University of Montreal app just says Concordia in the red header. Every two months or so we send a test message to ensure that the system is working correctly, if you have the app and do not receive a message within this period please follow the link below or contact Andrew Sterne, andrew.sterne@concordia.ab.ca
If you haven’t yet downloaded the app instructions are available here http://security.concordia.ab.ca/emergency-notification-system-alertus/