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Accounts Payable – Vendor and Invoice Guidelines

Posted on: Mar 8, 2022

The Vendor and Invoice Guidelines do not apply to the following forms:  Cheque Requisitions, Payments Requests or Indigenous Protocol.

  1. Setting up a New Vendor

A Vendor Setup and Maintenance Form (VSMF) is required to setup a new vendor or to reactivate a vendor in the Accounts Payable (AP) vendor database.  This form can be found in Alfresco/Employee Resources/Finance/Accounts Payable Forms.  The department engaging the vendor is responsible for sending this form to their vendor and ensuring that it is completed and returned to accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca.   In order for CUE to pay the vendor the VSMF must be received.  

*If the vendor is to be paid by corporate Mastercard then the VSMF is not required.  Please review the Mastercard Guidelines to ensure that the vendor can be paid by corporate Mastercard before proceeding with this payment method.   The VSMF is only required when Accounts Payable will be paying a vendor invoice.

*If you are unsure if your vendor is setup in our database please email accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca and we will advise if a VSMF is needed.


  1. Invoice Delivery

Page 2 of the VSMF, states the preferred method for invoice submittal is for the vendor to email their invoices directly to accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca.   If your vendors are emailing their invoices to you please ask them to update the email address on file.   If you receive a vendor invoice, please ensure that you forward to accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca immediately – a delay in AP receiving the invoice results in a delay in paying the vendor.

When a department has received a vendor invoice (either by mail or email) this should be forwarded to accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca.  Please enter “Chrome River Invoice – vendor name and invoice amount” in the Subject line e.g. Chrome River invoice – City of Edmonton $500.00.   You may include multiple invoices for the same vendor on one email but each invoice must be a separate attachment.  Please do not send multiple vendor invoices on one email.   And last please include the GL account from where invoice(s) should be paid.  These steps will assist Accounts Payable with invoice processing and filing. 

*Please update your vendor email address for e-invoice submittal to accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca


  1. Invoice Guidelines

In order for Accounts Payable to process an invoice it must be a legitimate invoice.   Page 2 of the VSMF, lists the Invoice Guidelines for an invoice to be valid.  Invoices received must comply with these guidelines; those that are not compliant will be returned for correction to the vendor or department, depending on how the invoice was submitted to AP.

*Chrome River requires the invoice to be in pdf so this is the preferred invoice format.


  1. Invoice Approval

Approval of an invoice is done in compliance with the Expenditure Policy and Procedures.  Approvers are defined in the Signing Authority Policy, Procedure and Matrix. 

Only those invoices where goods have been received or services rendered should be approved for payment.  The approval of an invoice is the direction to Accounts Payable that the invoice can be paid.