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 Working Alone, After Hours, General Security Advice

Posted on: Jun 20, 2019

Working Alone

Sometimes we assume that people are honest and have good intentions, as we do, this is not always the case. If you work in a secluded area where you are alone think about the following:

  1. Could someone hear you if you yelled for help?

  2. Do you have a way of protecting yourself if you are located further from other employees?

Consider these options.

  1. Lock your office door and ask visitors who they are before opening the door.

  2. Perhaps meet a person who concerns you in a more public office space, often a location with casual surveillance (people in close proximity) encourages better behaviour.

  3. Ask your supervisor or a colleague to be in close proximity.

  4. If you have a serious concern about a meeting with somebody contact Security or Andrew Sterne for assistance. Security can be stationed discreetly to avoid escalation but is close at hand should assistance be required or can be in the meeting room directly.

  5. Have you taken a Self Defense course, there are some great courses available, have a quick search of the internet, one specifically for women is R.A.D http://radedmonton.com/

  6. One of the keys to effectively negotiating an incident is to be well prepared and think/practice what you would do in different situations.


After Hours

  1. If you are working in a secluded area after hours, could the general area (Hallway, Stairway doors as an example) be locked to avoid intruders?

  2. When working after hours please advise security where you will be and how long you intend to be, this helps security be aware of your presence for emergency purposes.

  3. Advise a family member or friend what time you expect to get home, if you are overdue they know to look for you.


General Security Advice

  1. Trust your intuition, Trust your intuition, I repeat it because it is one of the most valuable tools we have in preventing problems. When you perceive “something doesn’t feel right” more than likely you are correct. Take action to prevent yourself becoming a victim. Often we try to rationalise an intuitive feeling, to ignore it, don’t ignore it! Just because we can’t explain a perception doesn’t make it incorrect!

  2. If you don’t recognise someone in the workplace a quick “Can I help you” will normally determine if they are meant to be there or not.

  3. If you are working late and need an escort to your vehicle call security for that service.

  4. Park your vehicle in a well-lit location or periodically move it closer after hours if this is an option.

  5. If you leave your wallet, purse, laptop, tablet, phone in your office unattended place them in locked storage, or lock the door to your office.

  6. If there is a security alarm in your area can you use the ‘Stay’ function which arms the perimeter and leaves the interior disarmed to work freely.

  7. Security can be contacted by using the bottom right soft-key on your office phone, or 5555 from an internal phone or 780 479 8761.