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Welcome to Concordia, Equbay Kiflay!

Posted on: Jan 26, 2022

Please welcome Equbay Kiflay (pronounced Oo-q-bai Kif-lai) to the IT Services team as the IT Operations Coordinator!

Equbay has worked in the Information Technology field with different responsibilities including Information Technology Coordinator, System Administrator/Developer and Technical Support. Over the years, he has worked for post-secondary institutions, businesses, and NGOs. Equbay enjoys the outdoors (exploring neighbourhoods, hiking, camping), music, playing games, more or less all fun activities. He is also a lifelong learner and looks forward to taking advantage of the learning opportunities that CUE offers! 

Equbay is excited to be joining CUE’s IT Services team. He hopes to bring positive energy to the team and be a valuable member. 

Please join us in welcoming Equbay to CUE!