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Two presentations from Beijing Foreign Studies University

Posted on: Sep 25, 2018

The Beijing Foreign Studies University is an active partner of CUE in Beijing, China.  The Dual Degrees Program on Management is the first international dual degrees program in CUE history.  Dr. Hardy Niu (Dean, International School of Business, BFSU) and Dr. Lily Dong (Manager, International School of Business, BFSU) will visit CUE on September 27 and 28. They will deliver two presentations:

September 27th: noon – 1 pm at HA 206 – Information Session Presentation on Dual Degrees Program on Management, by Dr. Lily Dong

September 28th: noon – 1 pm at HA 206 – Presentation on Insight into Chinese Economy Reform: Past, Present, and Future, by Dr. Hardy Niu



Introduction of the Presentation on Insight into Chinese Economy Reform: Past, Present, and Future

Since 1978, China has been carrying on the policy of reform and opening up, while abandoning the centrally-planned economy. Remarkably high growth rate has been achieved during the past 40 years.
There is no easy access to a convincing explanation for this, because Chinese economy does not fit in any standard economics model. The argument over the Chinese economy has never stopped.
The speaker will introduce a new perspective to analyze and help understand the Chinese economic growth. The 40 years’ growth is divided into three stages, in accordance with the evolving growth motivation, mainly initiated by the Chinese government and jointly supported by the other stakeholders. It’s believed that the changing motivation has put great influence on the development of Chinese economy.
Notably, fundamental changes have emerged since 2012, which makes a big difference for China, as well as the world.

Presenter: Dr. Huayong Niu


Dr. Niu is the Dean of International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). Prof. Niu also simultaneously serves as the Director of BFSU’s Research Center for Green Industry & Investment and of the Society of Management Science of China’s Internationalization Research Center of Chinese Enterprises. He is also the co-director of the Shuangzhi Elite Committee. Prof. Niu has been repeatedly recognized for outstanding teaching. In 2004, he was awarded an Excellent Teacher Prize by the Educational Union of Beijing. As a researcher, Prof. Niu focuses on the green economy and sustainable development, institutional analysis and internationalization of business education.

We look forward to seeing you there!