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Theft on campus

Posted on: Mar 24, 2022

There were two back packs and some other items stolen from the gymnasium in the Ralph King Athletic Centre on Monday afternoon. Some of the stolen items were recovered. The incidents were reported to campus security and the Edmonton Police Service. Please store your valuables securely if they are needed at Concordia. Do not leave them alone, even for that quick visit to the washroom, as that can be all the time it takes for a theft to happen.

If you see a suspicious person on campus you can assist, call campus security on 780 479 8761 and if you feel comfortable, ask the person if they need help. This friendly question lets the person know they have been seen and may deter them from a crime or if there is no ill intent, you can help them with directions or the like. You are the extra eyes and ears to keep our campus safe and secure.

Campus security will be leaving the sign above on some items that are not secure to highlight the possibility of theft.