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The 2nd Chinese Teaching Summer Seminar Concluded Successfully

Posted on: Jul 9, 2018

The 2nd Chinese Teaching Summer Seminar concluded successfully last Friday on July 6.  Seventeen Chinese teachers from Edmonton Public Schools, Calgary Board of Education, St. Albert Public Schools and Chinese Heritage Schools participated the seminar.

The 10-hour seminar explored the art of recitation in Chinese language classrooms.  The art of recitation is an important form of language competency.  It is an art that transforms written works into a creation of sound and language.  With the skill of recitation, a Chinese language teacher will be able to help students in public speaking, reading aloud and recitation to gain a stronger understanding of the content of texts.  With this skill, the Chinese teacher will also enhance students’ interest in the target language and culture.

On Day 1, Keynote Speaker Dr. Mianmian Xie and the seminar’s participants discussed the rational and psychological use of recitation in Chinese language classrooms.  On Day 2, participants worked on the process and teaching strategies of recitation in Chinese language classrooms, including the style of presenting recitation, the style of teaching recitation, the method of evaluating recitation, as well as oral skills and body language skills.

Seminar participants received completion certifications from CUE and Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters (Beijing) presented by CUE President Loreman.  They expressed their high level of satisfaction towards the quality and hands-on training they experienced in the seminar.


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Picture 1: Chinese teachers enjoyed their training on CUE campus (above)
Picture 2: President Loreman and the Chinese teachers with Completion Certificates
Picture 3: Chinese teachers used body language to demo Chinese tones in the seminar