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Tailgate Twister is today and the sun is shining! Come out and have some fun!

Posted on: Jul 3, 2020

Join us in CUE’s parking lot this Friday, July 3rd for a Tailgate Twister Party! The goal is to have some fun and connect in person while maintaining safe, social distancing practices.

Please follow event day parking as only every second parking stall will be filled.

Staff & Faculty Tailgate: 12-3pm

Student Tailgate: 4-7pm

We will have hand sanitizer on site but you are encouraged to bring a mask.



Activities include:

Music in parking lot 

Zumba in parking lot

Yoga on field

Kickboxing with self-defense club on field 

Chalk walk on sidewalk around parking lot

Games on field 

Food truck (student event only). Staff/faculty are encouraged to bring their lunch/snacks.

Link to faculty & staff event poster here.

Link to student event poster here.

In the event of poor weather, the events will be cancelled.  Questions? Contact CUE Wellness at: nicole.houghtaling@concordia.ab.ca