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What does printing cost?

Category: Student Printing/Copying

Printer Type Job Type Cost (per impression)
Konica Minolta Printers Black & White, Double-Sided $0.05
Konica Minolta Printers Black & White, Single-Sided $0.07
Lab Printers Black & White, Single-Sided $0.08
Konica Minolta Printers Colour, Double-Sided $0.15
Konica Minolta Printers Colour, Single-Sided $0.20

To illustrate these costs:

  • 81 black & white pages printed double-sided to Konica Minolta: $4.07 (80 x $0.05 + 1 x $0.07)
  • 54 black & white pages printed single-sided to Konica Minolta: $3.78 (54 x $0.07)
  • 3 color pages printed double-sided to a Konica Minolta: $0.50 (2 x $0.15 + 1 x $0.20)
  • 18 pages printed to a lab printer: $1.44 (18 x $0.08)

We encourage all students to use the Konica Minolta printers by printing to the "CUCA_PRINT" printer that is available on all student computers and wirelessly from your own devices.  Printing directly to lab and library printers is also still available on lab computers, for your convenience.

Additionally, the former system of paying for pages is no longer being used.