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Using Google Contacts

Category: Google Apps

Getting Access

All Concordia University of Edmonton faculty and staff have a contact list on Google. To login to your contacts, go to http://contacts.google.com/ and login to your Concordia University of Edmonton Google account.

Groups / Mailing Lists

Google provides the option of creating personal groups for the purpose of simplifying sending mail to multiple contacts. They are managed from within your Contacts list. Instructions can be found at the links below. They are simple to manage and use. The biggest downside of personal groups is that they are not shared with others within Concordia University of Edmonton.

In order to have a group that is available to multiple or all users within Concordia University of Edmonton, IT Services can create the group. These groups can have different levels of security, depending on the requirements. Everything from announcement-only groups, internal-only groups, university-only groups, to publicly-available groups (also known as mailing lists).

Further Information

You can always contact IT Service for further information about accessing your contact list and related issues.

Additionally, here is a helpful resource from Google: