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Using Google Calendar?

Category: Google Apps

Getting Access

All Concordia University of Edmonton faculty and staff have a calendar on Google. To login to your calendar, go to http://calendar.google.com/ and login to your Concordia University of Edmonton Google account.

Sharing & Collaboration

Google provides a couple of calendar sharing options. IT Services provides recommendations when the different methods should be employed in order to maintain a robust and manageable mail system. The following is our general recommendations on mail sharing and collaboration.

  • Shared Group Calendars:
  • Resource Calendars: If there is a requirement to coordinate scheduling of a particular resource (device, equipment, etc.), that should be done through IT Services, with a special kind of resource calendar. Room bookings are handled centrally by Conference Services, but let us know if you require a resource calendar.
Further Information

You can always contact IT Services for further information about accessing your calendar, sharing it, or any other calendar-related issues.

Additionally, here are some helpful resources from Google*:

*Please note, that Google may advertise and instruct in some features that are disabled for use at Concordia University of Edmonton. If you are unsure on whether what you want can be done, please contact IT Services for assistance.