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How do I do file sharing among my colleagues?

Category: File Shares

There are several options available for Concordia faculty and staff to do file sharing and collaboration; network share, Google Drive, or Alfresco.

Network share
Depending on your access level, you will have access to certain network shares (folders) while logged-in to Concordia computers on campus. This is automatically mapped to your profile the moment you log in to a Concordia staff computer on campus.

Google Drive
Concordia uses Google services to provide specific applications to the Concordia community; among this is Google Drive. You can access Google Drive with your Concordia email address and network password.
Once logged-in, you can drag and drop files into your Drive space, and then use the Share function to enable file sharing and collaboration.

Alfresco is a new initiative implemented by the university to allow for a broader ability to do file sharing and collaboration among its faculty and staff. It extends the ability to share files beyond Concordia's campus and allows for any web-enabled device to access stored files. The functions are similar to Google Drive, but all files stored in Alfresco remains within Concordia's servers and storage facilities.
To access Alfresco, you will need your Concordia email address and network password. A mini-Alfresco guide is provided for your reference.