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Changing/expiring passwords and Single Sign On

Category: Login

Password changes with single sign on behave very much how you would expect. When you change your Concordia password, you will need to use the new password to login to your account, whether at the Windows login, in a browser on the SSO page, or on a mobile device.

Resetting an expired password: If your password has expired, you will be unable to login to single sign on (including your Concordia Google account and Online Services). On campus, you can simply reset your password at a Windows computer. In order to reset an expired password off campus, you will need to go through the "Don't know your password?" link on the single sign on page. That will take you to a page that lets you reset your password, however you will need to have access to an external email address to perform the password reset in that fashion. If you are off-campus and do not have access to your external email account, please contact IT Services.

Password changes & Google on mobile: When the password is changed on your account, you will need to reenter those credentials on your mobile device. Both Android and iOS will detect that they cannot login to the account any longer and walk you through re-entering your password (in the single sign on page).