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Student of the Year

Posted on: Feb 25, 2021
First awarded in 1968-69, the Student of the Year award has a long history at Concordia.  
The Student of the Year Award is an annual $2000 award funded by the Concordia Students’ Association. It’s awarded to an undergraduate student who demonstrates outstanding leadership in extracurricular campus activities (e.g. CSA, athletics, club and unions, drama, residence, etc.). The recipient demonstrates integrity, respect, and a servant’s heart in their interactions with fellow students, faculty and staff. The recipient has also made a significant positive impact on student life through their entire career at Concordia. The recipient must be registered full-time in the Fall and Winter of the current academic year and convocate in May. Concordia Students’ Association executives are not eligible to receive this award.
Student of the Year Applications on our website.  The deadline to submit a complete application is March 29, 2021. Email finaid@concordia.ab.ca for more information.