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Staff Guide – Updated September 2020

Posted on: Oct 16, 2020


Introducing the Staff Guide. Staff Guide September 2020


The Staff Guide is a refresh of the former Employee Handbook. While the look and layout of the Staff Guide has changed, it continues to be a source of employment information for administrative officers, staff officers, support staff, hourly staff, and student-help.

The Staff Guide is intended to outline common employment information and processes for Staff, and to be referenced and used in conjunction with CUE wide policies and procedures. The Staff Guide is an excellent reference document for supervisors of staff positions as well.

With the refresh of the Staff Guide, CUE has made changes to the Personal and Family Responsibility Leave and Vacation Entitlement Carry Forward sections from the previous Employee Guide. The details of the changes can be found in Alfresco. Staff Guide Refresh Information September 2020

An important note regarding Personal and Family Responsibility Leave for Staff – this leave entitlement should be used and recorded in myAvanti when staff attend medical appointments for themselves and family, and for absences due to family illness. Family illness and family medical appointments should not be coded to medical leave going forward.

Please take the time to read through the Staff Guide. We are interested in your comments, feedback, and any questions you may have, send to hr@concordia.ab.ca. The Staff Guide is located in Alfresco, under Employment and Benefit Information.