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Setting the Cruise Control

Posted on: Oct 27, 2015

New CAA President Jennifer Kruse keeps Concordia moving forward

JenniferKruseJennifer Kruse comes by her love of Concordia pretty naturally. In fact, you might even say prenatal-y. 

“Mom and Dad worked at Concordia, so people on campus remember me from before I was born,” Jennifer laughs. “I literally grew up there. It’s more than a school to me – it’s a family.”

Having recently taken on the role of President with the Concordia Alumni Association, Jennifer (BSc ‘09, BEd ‘11) is excited to keep those family vibes rolling. After a long day in the classroom teaching, Jennifer perks up immediately when she starts to talk about her memories of student life.

“At first it was all study, study, but then I started socializing with a group of 25 or so students, just hanging out and going to movies. There was so much diversity there. None of us knew each other before but we still all stay connected. Concordia is our glue – it holds us together.”

Whether it was managing the Concordia men’s basketball team or getting involved in extracurricular activities, Jennifer credits Concordia with giving her the confidence and self-understanding to flourish.

“I teach in a smaller school and it feels like a family too. Concordia taught me not just how to teach, but how to prepare for the life of a teacher.” Jennifer explains, “My professors taught me to see more than just a page in a book, but to look deeper. My lab instructors treated me like a unique individual. All the staff on campus challenged me – both academically and personally – to get the most out of my university experience.”

Jennifer has brought that same inspiration to her work with the Alumni Association. “We work as a team. There’s such a great group of people who share the passion and want to help Concordia flourish into the place it can be.” Having the privilege to attend an alumni reunion this summer opened her eyes even wider.

“Hearing those stories, they have the same love for Concordia. I realized this all started so far before me. But it’s not just about looking back, it’s about finding ways to connect and stay involved. Because anyone who knows this place understands it isn’t the building, and it’s not the classes. It’s the staff, the faculty and the students who bring this place to life.”