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Separate Recycle and Waste

Posted on: Jun 18, 2018

Waste Management disposes of our garbage and recycle paper and cardboard after the Custodial Team has placed it in the dumpster. They have advised us that we need to keep our recycle paper and cardboard separate from our waste. While the Custodial Team does this on a daily basis we can all help by doing the following:

  • We have many paper/cardboard recycle receptacles on campus and most of them are labeled clearly. If labelling is not clear please contact Andrew Sterne to have it labeled.
  • Place clean paper and cardboard in the paper recycle receptacle. Food soiled paper or cardboard should be placed in the garbage receptacle.
  • Place garbage in the garbage/waste receptacle.
  • We have beverage container recycle receptacles and they should be used for beverage containers only.

If we don’t keep garbage out of the recycle receptacles all of the recycle contents end up in the landfill 🙁

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