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University Entrance Scholarship

Category: High School
Value: Variable
Application Deadline: Variable

NEW! There are now two application deadlines:

April 1 – for September start date
August 1 – for January start date



We believe you deserve a reward!

The University Entrance Scholarship program provides guaranteed renewable scholarships to high school students who present a minimum award average of 75%. Scholarships vary in value according to the applicant’s award average.

University Entrance Scholarship Levels
Award AverageScholarship ValueValue over 4 years
95% or higher$5,000$20,000
90% – 94.9%$3,750$15,000
85% – 89.9%$2,000$8,000
80% – 84.9%$1,500$6,000
75% – 79.9%$1,000$4,000

The final award average that determines the scholarship amount is calculated on the five academic subjects including English and the four highest eligible courses for your program from Groups A, B, or C (see Table 3.2.1.A).  Note:  For students admitted using a Group D course, an award calculation using eligible courses from Group A, B, or C will be used to determine eligibility.

Table X: Courses used for Entrance Scholarship Calculations
ProgramProgram Courses used for Entrance Scholarship Calculations
Bachelor of ArtsEnglish Language Arts 30-1, four subjects from Group A, B and/or C.  A maximum of two Group B subjects.  Two courses from the same second language cannot be used to meet more than one Group A subject requirement. (see table 3.2.1A Classification of Alberta Grade 12 subjects)
Bachelor of ScienceEnglish Language Arts 30-1; Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2; two subjects from Group C; one subject from Group A, B or C (see table 3.2.1A Classification of Alberta Grade 12 subjects)
Bachelor of ManagementEnglish Language Arts 30-1; Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2; three subjects from Groups A, B or C.  A maximum of one subject from Group B may be presented (see table 3.2.1A Classification of Alberta Grade 12 subjects)
Bachelor of Management & Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Dual Degrees ProgramEnglish Language Arts 30-1; Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2; two subjects from Group C; one subject from Group A, B or C (see table 3.2.1A Classification of Alberta Grade 12 subjects)

To become eligible for University Entrance Scholarships, applicants must be:

  1. entering their first-year of post-secondary study directly from high school. Concordia will also consider applicants who have:
    a) taken time off between high school and post-secondary studies
    b) completed university-level credits while in high school.
    c) attended a non-accredited program at a post-secondary institution and earned 9 or less transfer credits (e.g. bible school).Applicants who enrolled in a post-secondary institution after the completion of high school are not eligible.
  2. enrolled in a degree program in Arts, Management or Science.
  3. registered in a minimum of 80% of a full-course load (12 credits) in each semester. Recipients whose registration drops below the required 80% minimum will immediately forfeit their scholarship.

How do I apply?

There is no separate application required.  Concordia identifies eligible students through the admission process, choosing from those who submit their admission Application Forms and final (interim) high school transcripts before the appropriate deadline.  Eligible scholarship recipients are sent a preliminary scholarship offer notification letter.

When is the deadline?

To be considered for a University Entrance Scholarship you must apply for admission by April 1st for the September intake, and August 1st for the January intake. CUE Thunder Athletes will be given an extended deadline of May 1st.

How do I renew my scholarship?

To renew scholarships in subsequent years, students must:

  • be registered in a minimum 80% of a full-course load (12 credits) in each subsequent semester.
  • maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.2 for all scholarships valued below $3,750 or a minimum GPA of 3.5 for scholarships valued $3,750 or greater during the fall and winter semesters for the September intake, or the winter and subsequent fall semester for the January intake. Courses completed in Spring and Summer Sessions are not included in the GPA calculation.

The renewal period shall not exceed the length of the student’s degree program.  Students who lose their scholarship entitlement due to reduced course load or low GPA may have their scholarship reinstated following an academic period of study that satisfies the registration and GPA requirements. However, their eligibility period will not be extended.

Are international students eligible to receive the scholarship?

Yes, all students, domestic and international who are entering directly from high school are eligible to receive the scholarship.

Can Home-Schooled applicants receive a University Entrance Scholarship?

Home-schooled applicants who present the appropriate Grade 12 requirements for admission, present an award average of 75% or higher, and submit an application for admission by April 1 are eligible for entrance award consideration.  Concordia will also consider home-schooled applicants who present the appropriate ACT or SAT score.  Home-schooled applicants who are ineligible for an entrance award are eligible to be considered for in-course awards after the completion of their first year of study at Concordia University of Edmonton.

What if I have questions?

Contact a financial aid advisor in the Financial Aid and Awards Office (HA120):

Phone:  780-479-9220
Toll free:  1-866-479-5200, ext 220
E-mail:  finaid@concordia.ab.ca