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Governor General’s Academic Medal – Silver

Category: Current Students
Value: Variable
Application Deadline: Variable

A silver medal presented on behalf of and in the name of the Governor General of Canada to the student graduating with the highest academic standing in a baccalaureate degree program. This medal is awarded for academic excellence only. The selection for the GG Silver Academic Medal is the responsibility of the Scholarship and Awards Committee (SAC).

The following points shall serve as guidelines for the awarding of the Medal:

1. Open to students enrolled in their first baccalaureate degree in Arts, Management, and Science.

2. Students who are completing a second baccalaureate degree are not eligible (e.g. students upgrading a three-year degree to a four-year degree; students who complete an Arts degree and subsequently complete a Science degree, and students enrolled in an Education or Environmental Health after-degree program).

3. Normally, only students whose course progression has the greatest integrity are considered; i.e., students who complete their program in the normal length of the program (e.g., three-year degree in three years).

4. Academic standing is based on the graduating grade point average (GGPA). The GGPA is calculated using the required credits for the degree (i.e., 90 credits for three-year degrees and 120 credits for four-year degrees).

5. In the event that two or more students achieve the same GGPA, preference is given to: a. The student who has completed more of his/her courses toward their baccalaureate degree at Concordia. b. The student who has achieved more ‘A+’ grades in his/her baccalaureate degree.