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Relational Patient Engagement: Learning from the ‘see me, hear me, heal me’ Project

Posted on: Mar 13, 2017

The Research Cluster on Wellness invites: Relational patient engagement: Learning from the ‘see me, hear me, heal me’ project. Wednesday March 15, G303, 4:00 pm.

Minn Yoon (PhD) is an assistant professor with the School of Dentistry at the University of Alberta since 2012. Her primary research focus is on improving oral health and care for vulnerable populations. She is principle lead on the study “see me, hear me, heal me”, which is a patient engagement project that aims to transform our understanding of head and neck cancer patient and family illness experiences. She is committed to utilizing her research to inform development of educational curricula and applications to enhance dental and dental hygiene student capacities to engage in holistic person-centred care, especially for vulnerable populations. 
Summary: “Imagine not being able to recognize yourself in the mirror” -see me. “Nobody asked about how it felt when I lost my voice” -hear me. “I will never be the same, even after dozens of surgeries and years of rehabilitation” -heal me. The interdisciplinary project (seemehearmehealme.com) is a patient engagement project founded on a triadic collaboration of health researchers, patients, and contemporary artists who are working to enhance public awareness and improve the quality of life of people diagnosed with head and neck cancer. The presentation will provide an overview of our process of engagement, what we as a team learned along the way, and share one of the outcomes of our collaborative engagement – a public contemporary art exhibition of FLUX: Responding to Experiences of Head and Neck Cancer.