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Procrastination Awareness Week Starts Monday, March 7th

Posted on: Mar 2, 2022

Procrastination Awareness Week (PAW) virtual programming starts next week! Register today at bit.ly/PAW-2022.

PAW 2022 brings together some of the most popular and effective workshops from academic institutions across Canada (and even beyond our borders!) to help students learn strategies related to focus and concentration, motivation, time management, writing, studying, and exam preparation.

In addition to both live and pre-recorded workshops, PAW includes a virtual study hall, resource library, and opportunities to socialize with students from across all participating institutions.

PAW 2022 takes place from March 7 to 11, 11am to 3pm, each day. The event is free, open, virtual, and inclusive. PAW is an Learning Specialists Association of Canada (LSAC) sponsored event.