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TODAY! Presentations from Qilu Normal University, China

Posted on: May 28, 2018

A delegation from Qilu Normal University (QLNU), one of CUE’s active international partners in China will visit CUE on Monday, May 28, 2018. The delegation members include:

-Dr. LIN, Songbai, President of QLNU, Professor of Laws
-Dr. LIANG, Chengfeng, Director of Academic Affairs Office, QLNU
-Dr. CAO, Xiaorong, Dean of Chemistry and Chemistry Engineering Faculty, QLNU
-Dr. LIU, Zhenguang, Dean of Academy of Marxism, QLNU

-Ms. HE, Yan, Director of International Office, QLNU


The Centre for Chinese Studies would like to proudly invite all CUE faculty, staff, and students to two academic presentations that will be delivered by the delegation.

Time: MAY 28, 2018, 1:30-3:30 PM

Location: G 303

 Presentation 1: Transformation of University and Paradigm

Since human society has entered the era of knowledge economy, the rapid updating of knowledge and fast development of technology have raised new and higher requirements for people’s ability to solve problems. Such a realistic change requires transformation of universities on cultivating highly specialized talents, that is to say, to transform academic talents with mere knowledge and research ability to applied talents with creativity and practical capability. In order to realize the transformation of the university, the revolution of the educational paradigm is needed, namely the transformation from the traditional knowledge-based paradigm to the ability-oriented paradigm.

Presenter: Professor LIN Songbai, President of Qilu Normal University, Doctor of Laws, Vice President of Shandong Provincial Academy of Teachers and Education


Presentation 2: Chinese Traditional Culture, Qilu Culture and the Cultural Education Features

Philosophy of heaven and humanity —— the spirit of exploration of the harmony between man and nature. Tao models itself after nature——dialectical law conforming to nature. Be prepared for danger in times of safety——prerequisite awareness of suffering while in safety. Constantly strives to become stronger——striving spirit of life and growth in nature. Honesty and trustworthiness——foundation of self-being by improving virtue and refining achievements. Self-discipline and social commitment——the fundamental principle of doing and behaving. People orientation—— the important embodiment of ancient political thoughts. The benevolent loves others——the spirit of greater love surmounting oneself. Honours teachers and esteems truth——educational idea of teaching, instructing and guiding. Harmony in diversity——the merging spirit of taking broadly and learning widely. Incessant changes for better——innovation spirit of marching with the times. The world is the same——the ideal light for the future.

Presenter: Professor LIU Zhenguang, Dean of the School of Marxism, Qilu Normal University, Executive Director of China’s Revolutionary History Teaching Research Association.

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