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Presentation on An Educational Experience in Asia: Japan, Thailand and Indonesia

Posted on: Nov 19, 2018

The Research Cluster on Linguistics & Language Education proudly invites you to a presentation on An Educational Experience in Asia: Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Time: Wednesday November 21, 2018 Noon – 12: 50 pm

Location: HA 206

Dr. Mark Loo, Associate Professor at Mihalcheon School of Management, CUE, will share with you his recent sabbatical experience at partner universities in Tokyo and Bangkok, and in a partner affiliated university in Jakarta. A Study Abroad program will help you build cultural intelligence as you learn to appreciate differences, enhance problem skills learning different perspectives to approaching a problem and thinking on your feet in a new environment, and improve adaptability and communication skills even in simple routines such as ordering food and asking directions. You will observe different learning and teaching styles, and develop patience towards others and yourself. The Study Abroad training and experience will make you a more sensitive individual towards international and intercultural issues, and increase your market value in the employment market.

Look forward to see you there on Wednesday.