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Phone System Outage and Cutover – Friday (Aug 12 2016)

Posted on: Aug 11, 2016

Phone System Outage and Cutover


9608_module2_374x270Once again, my apologies for the short notice on this. There have been some issues with our service provider communicating scheduling back to us, thus this date was confirmed on me only a short time ago. The PRI connecting the the existing Nortel phone system to our local telephone exchange will be moved on Friday Morning and reconnected to the new AVAYA phone system. I am expecting everything to be moved onto the new system and operational by Friday afternoon. 

Once switched over you will be able to send and receive calls from the new Avaya set on your desk. I will be coming by to log in everyone to their new phones tomorrow. Once logged in, I encourage you to spend a few minutes looking over the phone and trying it out. Voicemail can be accessed by pressing the button with the envelope and follow the instructions on the telephone screen. 

Once again we will be conducting training on these, and are in the process of setting up a schedule with multiple sessions allowing for whoever wants to attend the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately we have not had the time to set this up before hand. Thankfully with ease that most of you use the existing Nortel phones I am confident you will have little issue using these new phones. 

– Your phone extension remains unchanged

– Everyone else's phone extension remains unchanged

– You still dial 9 to get an outside line

– Transfer/Conference/forward are all there

– You still dial 5555 for security

If you have any questions, forward them to helpdesk@concordia.ab.ca and we will answer as soon as we can. 

Justin Eifert
Network Administrator