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Our Canada: Jewish-Canadian Women Writers

Posted on: Mar 5, 2020

Our Canada: Jewish-Canadian Women Writers is a federally-funded research project in the humanities and social sciences. Dr. Catherine Caufield is the Principal Investigator, working together with three fabulous senior Concordia students as Research Assistants.

With grateful acknowledgement to the Office of Extension and Culture through the Concordia Connects Award for culture, students are invited to engage with works of contemporary Canadian literature – and a chance to win a gift certificate for the Concordia Bookstore.


Dr. Catherine Caufield, Principal Investigator


Throughout the month of March there will be a display of books in the library.



There will also be posters around campus with silhouetted authors.



o   go to the library and pick up a crossword page.

o   complete the crossword by looking in the books for the answers to the clues.

o   guess who the silhouetted authors are.

o   put your completed crossword page in the box in the library.                                                       

Maybe it might be you who wins a gift certificate! 



A reception (with food!) will be held in the library on April 2 from 11 am to 12 noon, for all those who correctly completed the tasks on the crossword page. The draw for the winners of the gift certificates will take place during the reception.