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Oct. 5th – Third Annual Round Dance

Posted on: Sep 9, 2019

Please join us for CUE’s third annual Round Dance on Saturday, October 5th in the Ralph King Gym! 

We will be coming together in ceremony to celebrate the new academic year with song, dance and a giveaway. 

This event is open to everyone! Family friendly event.

Feast begins at 5pm (if possible, bring your own tupperware to eat from) but you can attend at any point from 5pm until midnight. Giveaway is at 10pm. Bring your dancing shoes! 

There will be an artisan market up, so if you are interested in purchasing Indigenous crafts, please bring cash. 


Any questions, interest in participating in the pipe ceremony (9am), or volunteer opportunities, can be directed to Danielle Powder at danielle.powder@concordia.ab.ca

Hope to see you all there!