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New Tower Garden in Employee Lounge

Posted on: May 27, 2022

Hey CUE employees!  Did you know there’s now a Tower Garden in the employee lounge on the third floor of HAC?  A Tower Garden is a hydroponic grow system which we are using to grow basil, kale, lettuce, rainbow chard, chocolate mint and sage. The tower is monitored weekly to ensure it has enough water and nutrients for optimal growth. The tower in the lounge is dedicated to employees so you can help yourself when the greens are large enough to harvest in 3-4 weeks. Harvesting instructions will be posted in the lounge in the coming weeks. Feel free to drop by and admire the little plants as they grow, they LOVE company! 

We do have 2 other towers on campus where students can help themselves (library basement and the IKRC).  So far each tower has been producing about 10-15 bags of fresh greens every month.

Questions? Contact wellness@concordia.ab.ca