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NEW! Research Cluster on Christian Philosophy & Theology

Posted on: Feb 10, 2022

CUE is pleased to announce the formation of a new Research Cluster on Christian Philosophy & Theology.

This research cluster will foster cutting edge scholarship and public engagement in a number of significant topic areas, including:

  • analytic philosophy of religion;
  • natural theology;
  • interdenominational and interfaith dialogue;
  • the practice of Christianity amongst Canada’s Indigenous peoples, and the relationships between Christianity and traditional Indigenous spiritualities; and
  • the relationship between theology and the natural and social sciences.

This new research cluster will build on the important foundational work of the Concordia Institute of Christian Studies and Society (ICSS) and the Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith (CCSCF), both of which ended operations in 2020.

CUE is thankful for the outstanding work of the leadership and members these groups, in particular by Dr. Steven Muir (ICSS) and Dr. Bill Anderson (CCSCF).

The founding members of the new research cluster are:

  • Dr. Travis Dumsday (Director, Research Cluster on Christian Philosophy & Theology / Associate Professor of Philosophy);
  • Dr. Bill Anderson (Professor of Religious Studies);
  • Dr. Efa Etoroma (Associate Professor of Sociology);
  • Dr. Steven Muir (Professor of Religious Studies); and
  • Dr. Jonathan Strand (Professor of Philosophy).

We look forward to the many successes of this new research cluster at CUE!