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Message from the Board of Governors to the CUE Community

Posted on: Feb 25, 2022

Dear CUE Community,

On behalf of the Board of Governors, I wanted to acknowledge some of the recent challenges at CUE and thought it was important for you to hear directly from the Board.

First, there have recently been claims brought forward about Dr. Tim Loreman’s leadership of CUE. Please allow me to clarify the Board’s position. We take our responsibility of providing effective governance and oversight of CUE very seriously. Through our ongoing and thorough analysis, we firmly believe that CUE is functioning exceptionally well and that students continue to receive a high-quality education. We attribute this success to all of you and to the leadership of Dr. Loreman. To be clear, the Board has full confidence in Dr. Loreman as President and Vice-Chancellor of CUE.

We recognize the past few months have been challenging for everyone and we know that there are tensions that continue past the resolution of the strike. Clearly, there is a need to heal within the community before we can renew relationships and come together. There is important work to be done, and it is best done together.

The Board values your contributions and we thank you for your ongoing commitment to students, and to the health and success of CUE. I want to assure you the Board stands alongside you in this commitment. 

To move forward in a productive way together, we need to focus on this shared commitment while fostering a culture of collaboration, communication, and respect. The Board looks forward to supporting this critical need, and to working with you to achieve CUE’s mission and vision.

John Acheson, PhD.
Chair, Concordia University of Edmonton Board of Governors