Mental Health

Mental Health is essential to students’ academic success, as well as their ability to participate fully and meaningfully throughout all aspects of their lives and throughout their lifespan. Approximately one in five people experience a mental illness in a given year, and with approximately 2000 students, faculty, and staff, we have a significant opportunity to enhance wellbeing among a substantial number of Edmontonians. Mental health plays a pivotal role in the overall health and performance of students, faculty, and staff. Good overall health is not simply the absence of disease, but instead is a combination of physical, social, and mental wellbeing.

Concordia University of Edmonton is a community where we care for each other, learn and talk about mental health and wellbeing, receive support as needed, and where individually and collectively we realize our potential. The promotion of mental health and wellbeing in our students, faculty, and staff is important to Concordia. We are an inclusive community that promotes mental health education, understanding, and awareness.  Concordia actively supports and promotes mental health, wellbeing, and success of the campus community.

Concordia’s Counselling Services seeks to provide accessible and compassionate psychological services to Concordia’s students. We help students improve their personal, social, and academic wellbeing.

Please see here for wellness tips in university.

One of the proactive ways Concordia cares for the campus community is through the Behavioural Support and Intervention Team (BSIT). The BSIT works to maintain a healthy and safe campus environment by receiving reports about individuals exhibiting distressing or concerning behaviours, to assemble information from across campus departments, and to determine appropriate responses. Find more information about the BSIT, please click here.

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