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LifeWorks: Connecting Physical and Mental Health

Posted on: Feb 4, 2021


LIFT session virtual fitness through your EAP, is available on your mobile device, so you can stay active anytime, anywhere. Chat live online with fitness coaches who can help with fitness, nutrition, and recovery questions you have. Each session lasts 30 minutes, and the typical journey is three sessions per week for a total duration of six weeks. No equipment required. You can share the following link with employees to sign up here.



With trying to maintain healthy habits, it is important to have SMART goals. Please see attached summary of SMART goals and how to set some.


Positive emotions:

Positive emotions contribute to our wellbeing, but can also have an impact on our physical health. Being physically active also does it’s part in releasing some of those positive emotions. The cyclical nature of this thought process and physicality is important to note. Please see the attached article on how to maintain positive emotions.


Inside out

Physical health and mental health go beyond how you look on the outside. Although serotonin is a well-known brain neurotransmitter, it is estimated that 90% of the body’s serotonin is made in the digestive system. Nutrition is an important part of physical and mental health. If you are struggling with nutrition, your EAP nutritional services may be beneficial to you. A registered dietician can help with an analysis of emotions that may be linked to poor eating habits, educational resources to help you succeed and nutritional support appropriate to your age and personal situation (pregnancy, childhood/teens, allergies and other food restrictions).