L-Pass FAQs

For more information contact the CUE Library.


What is an L-Pass?

Register your CUE ID card as an L-Pass and use it like a regular Edmonton Public Library (EPL) card. Then you can borrow EPL items in person or view them online, including books, ebooks, audiobooks, videos, music, magazines, tutorials, video games, and more.

Read the FAQs below to learn more and find out how an L-Pass can help you.

How do I register?

Visit our L-Pass page, login with your library barcode and PIN, and fill in the resulting online form.

Please note that it can take 10-12 seconds for the L-Pass registration form to load.


What if I am an international student?

Our L-Pass registration form requires that you have a 10-digit Canadian phone number on file with us in order for your registration to go through.

To update your phone number, please email us at library@concordia.ab.ca and provide us with a 10-digit Canadian phone number.

Please note that any updates to your account will take overnight to process.

I already have an EPL library card. Can I still get the L-Pass?

Yes, but it is not necessary for existing EPL cardholders to register for an L-Pass.

After February 20, 2021, if you had an existing EPL account, the L-Pass registration form will no longer allow you to update your pre-existing EPL information.

For assistance with your EPL account information, please contact the Edmonton Public Library.

What if I lose/replace my CUE ID card?

Once you have a replacement CUE ID card, please contact the Edmonton Public Library to reactivate your L-Pass account.

Inform EPL staff that you need to update your L-Pass information due to a replaced student ID card.

Do I have to register each year?


However, you can only re-register after your account expires (after September 20) provided that you are still a CUE student, faculty, or staff member.

How can I find out what my EPL PIN is?

Use EPL’s Forgot Your PIN? service.

You can also contact EPL to receive your PIN number over the phone. Confirmation of your card number and other account information will be required.

Do I have to pay fees for lost or damaged EPL items?


All L-Pass and EPL cardholders assume responsibility for any damaged or lost EPL materials. Payment must be made at an EPL branch.

Outstanding charges for Edmonton Public Library materials do not affect your CUE Library account or privileges.