Overdue fees will be removed from your account* for most CUE and NEOS items once they have been returned. Fines will not be removed for the following library items:

  • Recalled items
  • Overdue reserve items
  • Lost items
Interlibrary Loan

For more help with fines, please fill out our fines appeal form.

Library Account

CUE Items

$1 per day per item

$2 per day per item recalled

$31 maximum per item

CUE Reserve Items

$1 per day per item for equipment (chargers, cords, etc.)

$1 per day per item for 2 hour loans

$6 per day per item for 1, 3, and 7 day loans

NEOS Items

Questions regarding fines for other NEOS libraries should be directed to the owning library.

Fines of $50+ Restrict Access to:





Registration for future courses

Borrowing library materials

Lost Items

Materials overdue for more than 31 days are considered lost and a system default fee of $150 is charged to your account.

Fine Payments

Library payments are non-refundable.

Fines can be paid online with a credit card through Online Services.

Library fines can also be paid at Student Accounts with cash or debit card. A fines/lost book payment form must be picked up from the library prior to paying at Student Accounts.

Paying Fees in Online Services

  • Visit Online Services.
  • Login using your Concordia email and password.
  • In the My Account drop down menu, select Library Fees.
  • If you have outstanding fees, they will appear in the resulting window. You can pay your fees using a credit card.

CUE Faculty & Staff

When CUE faculty and staff incur fines on CUE library owned materials, the fine will be removed once the CUE owned item is returned.

Faculty and staff are responsible for any fines they have incurred on non-CUE materials.

Faculty and staff will be responsible for the replacement costs for any lost library materials.

*Fees incurred by External/TAL borrowers are not removed once the overdue item(s) are returned and can be paid online on the U of A My Account page.

Avoiding Library Fines

To avoid library fines, you should check your Concordia email regularly for due date reminders and recall notices.

You will receive automatic reminders to your Concordia email account:

  • 3 days before your items are due
  • on the day that your items are due
  • if items are 2 days overdue
  • if items are 7 days overdue
  • if items are 31 days overdue (assumed lost)
  • if your items are recalled
  • when your holds are available for pick-up
  • with a monthly summary of any fines owed