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K-Days Parking in support of Thunder Athletics

Posted on: Jul 17, 2017

Happy Summer from the Athletics Department!

It’s THAT time of year and once again, Thunder Athletics will be running our K-days Parking Scholarship fundraiser from Friday, July 21st to Sunday, July 30th (inclusive).

As in past years, if you possess an annual parking pass from Concordia Parking Services, simply present this to the parking attendants in order to access the parking lot. The only difference between K-days parking and that of the rest of the school year is if you normally have a reserved parking space, it will NOT be valid for this ten day period. We will be observing ‘first come, first served’ parking procedures so please just park in the most convenient space available to you if your regular spot is occupied. If you are teaching a summer session class please inform your students that they too, will need to present their parking passes to the attendants.

Please note that the Concordia K-days parking ‘gates’ will open at 11 AM each morning and be in effect until 11 PM each evening. IF you or your students will be coming on campus before that time, then the same parking rules and rates that are in effect the rest of the year will be enforced. (i.e. hourly parking passes will still be available from the Precise ParkLink ticket kiosks). If you have students or other visitors that will be on campus during this period, please let them know that they will need to specify to the attendants that they are here on ‘Concordia business’ and that they are not attending K-days. Having said that, any and all visitors to campus who wish to contribute to Concordia and to Thunder Athletics Scholarships would certainly be encouraged to purchase a K-days pass. Such contributions would be most welcome and greatly appreciated!

Just as we did last year to help ensure that traffic flows more smoothly, all vehicles entering campus after 11 AM will be directed to the entrance at the south end of 73rd street, adjacent to the southwest corner of the soccer field. All vehicles leaving campus will be directed to exit from the access road that runs between the northwest corner of the soccer field and the Ralph King Athletic Centre. The establishment of this ‘one way’ routing is for everyone’s safety and will also enable us to keep more accurate usage statistics which in turn, will allow us to improve the efficiency of this service in years to come.

For further clarification, you’ll find here a campus map showing the entry and exit points.

The rates to park at K-Days for 2017 will be $15 per day per vehicle (which is $5 less than across the street).

Thank you in advance to everyone for your cooperation. Although it presents a minor inconvenience for 10 days, the money raised is sincerely appreciated by both the student-athletes who receive scholarships and by the coaches and Athletics admin staff who are aided in the recruiting process by having scholarship money to offer and subsequently able to maintain a highly competitive athletics program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Nathaniel MacLellan (Game Day & Events Coordinator) at nathaniel.maclellan@concordia.ab.ca. Thank you again for your patience and support.

Joel Mrak
Athletics Director, Department of Athletics
Director, School of Physical Education & Wellness, Faculty of Education