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International Partner Guangzhou University (GZHU) visits CUE

Posted on: Oct 4, 2019

CUE’s international partner Guangzhou University (GZHU), Guangdong Province, China) visited CUE on October 4.

The Delegation was led by Vice President of GZHU and Professor of Educational Economics Dr. Kaijun WU. Delegation members also included Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electric Engineering Dr. Chunliang ZHANG, Associate Dean of the School of Geographic Science Dr. Lexiang QIAN, and the Deputy Director of the International Office Dr. Zhicheng KE.

Guangzhou University and CUE signed a MOU in November 2018 on student mobility, staff mobility, research, and program collaboration.

This is the reciprocal visit of GZHU to CUE after CUE’s President Tim Loreman visited GZHU in 2018.

President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Tim Loreman, Dean of Management Dr. Alison Yacyshyn, Director of Extension and Culture & Centre for Chinese Studies Dr. Xinxin Fang, representatives from the CIAR, and representatives from the International Office participated in the meetings.

Psychological studies, artificial intelligence research, cyberspace studies, business and demography course collaboration, ecology course collaboration, urbanization, and resource management are mutual interests between CUE and GZHU.

Solid implementation plans and strategies to promote CUE’s variety of programs to GZHU students and faculty have been discussed. More exciting articulation plans to follow.