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Innocence Lost

Theatre at Concordia is proud to present Innocence Lost: A play about Steven Truscott By Beverley Cooper

October 26 to November 4, 2012 – Robert Tegler Student Center Auditorium

Innocence Lost, written by Canadian playwright Beverley Cooper, is based on a true story that took place in a small, rural Ontario community. In June 1959 a 12-year-old girl named Lynne Harper, was found raped and strangled to death.  Within days her 14-year-old classmate Steven Truscott was charged with her murder.  After a two week trial Steven was found guilty and sentenced to be hung, the trial and the verdict had broad and long reaching implications in the community, and across the country.   The play follows the personal journey of Sarah, a fictional classmate of Lynne and Steven, as she deals with this tragedy and searches for truth and justice.   This gripping dramatization explores the Canadian Justice System and explores the human cost of the events on individuals and the wider community.

The production is directed by Caroline Howarth.  Costumes are by Betty Kolodziej with technical direction and lighting by Josiah Hiemstra. The props are by Rachel Whipple and the stage management team is led by Rebecca Firlotte and Tamara Yakoweshen.

Innocence Lost features student performers and production crew from the Concordia Community: Adara Broyles, Aly Hirji, Amanda Pelz, Ashley Taylor, Bethany Froese, Chris Legerme, Ciera Vadnais, David Lyons, Doug Potter, Emily Courtnage, Erika Holba, Gina Bazzarelli, Hailey Connell, Jason Knorr, Kira Peletier, Lauren Tamke, Mansi Eben, Nick Chevalier, Nicole Cardinal, Sean Bilyea, Shannon Maher, Stephanie Schmidt and Tony Wong