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Highlands Collaborates with Concordia Concert Choir

Posted on: Dec 4, 2019

It started with a walk-by.

Highlands neighbourhood resident Susanne Goshko walks by Concordia University of Edmonton each morning, along with three local pals. And one day she decided to stop in. With the germ of an idea for a neighbourly collaboration.

She made her way to Concordia’s School of Music, and before long a plan had been hatched for a new kind of collaboration: Sing & Stroll 2019, a progressive carolling event in the Highlands neighbourhood.

Susanne and Concordia Concert Choir conductor Joy Berg, together with other neighbourhood connectors, mapped out this Sunday’s Highlands Sing and Stroll. The Concordia students will lead holiday carol-singing in four parts; residents are invited to join in the singing, and stroll along any or all of a five-point route that spans the neighbourhood. At each gathering point a host will offer cider and goodies, and the occasion for neighbours including the CUE students to get better acquainted!

For an institution with an almost century-long history of community outreach, this event is the latest personal chapter in a still-developing story of engagement.

The event is sponsored by the Highlands Abundant Community team and Concordia, and made possible by a City of Edmonton grant that will contribute toward the Concordia Concert Choir’s upcoming tour to China.