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HEQCO publish learning outcomes report

Posted on: Sep 13, 2016

Today the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario released a new study The Landscape of Learning Outcomes Assessment in Canada. The main findings are:

  • 58% of Canadian colleges and 43% of Canadian universities reported having institutional learning outcomes or outcomes that are common to all students at the institution.
  • Program accreditation and the commitment to improve were identified as the two most important factors driving learning outcomes efforts.
  • Both colleges and universities reported that surveys are most often used to collect data on student learning. For colleges, employer surveys are most frequently used whereas universities use national student surveys.

This is relevant to Alberta universities and colleges because the Campus Alberta Quality Council (CAQC) has asked all institutions to work towards adopting a learning outcomes approach at all levels (Institution, Faculties, Departments, Programs). In light of this, Concordia needs to consider how this approach impacts us and what adjustments we may need to make. We look forward to a campus-wide discussion on this.

Click here to download a copy of the report in English or French