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Happy Lunar New Year of the Tiger!

Posted on: Jan 31, 2022

Xin nian kuai le 新年快乐,虎虎生威 ! The Centre for Chinese Studies (CSS) wishes everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger! Chinese New Year celebrations last for 15 days, beginning this year on February 1st and ending on February 15th, which marks the Lantern Festival.

Although we are unable to gather together and celebrate in person this year, we invite you to visit the links below to view a few great videos from the CUE Library by the BBC about Chinese culture and New Year celebrations (you will need to login using your CUE ID; there is an option to cast the video to your Family Room TV): 

Migration: Millions of people travel within China every year to join in Lunar New Year and Spring Festival celebrations with their families. In this video, you will be introduced to aspects of Chinese culture, including food, drinks, language, heritage (such as the Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin), and favourite winter past-times.


Reunion: Lunar New Year and the Lantern Festival is the most important event in Chinese culture. In this video, you will see how Chinese families gather and learn about a variety of the many Chinese New Year traditions, dance, and reunion dinners.


Celebration: Kung-Fu, noodles, fish, lions, and dragons! In this video, you will learn about the important history of fishing in China, learn about the symbolism of dragons (a mix of ultra-modern and traditional), and watch an impressive pyrotechnic display:


Special thanks for the CUE library for their help in making these videos accessible to the CUE community. To learn more about the CCS, visit https://concordia.ab.ca/external-affairs/office-of-extension-and-culture/centre-for-chinese-studies/ or contact extension@concordia.ab.ca