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Grammatical gender, Social gender, Art of translation: Lecture April 10

Posted on: Apr 10, 2017

Co-hosted by the Research Clusters: Travel Research group and Focus on Women group. Katie Alexander, Spanish Language Instructor at CUE presents Grammatical gender, social gender and the art of translation on Monday April 10, 12:00-1:00 pm in HA 343 

Katie Alexander holds a Master of Arts in Translation Studies from the University of Alberta. Her project examines the role of gender in three versions of Carme Riera’s short story “Te entrego, amor, la mar como una ofrenda” [I Leave You, My Love, the Sea as an Offering] – the Spanish-language source text, and her own translations into English and French.

Because romance languages such as Spanish and French exhibit grammatical gender in ways that English does not, texts written in these languages are able to play on the interaction between the gender of the words themselves and the themes of social gender in a way that an English-language text effectively cannot. Katie’s presentation will explore the effect of the linguistic category of grammatical gender on the themes of social gender through the process of translation, with special attention paid to the ways in which this interaction can present obstacles in the transfer and adaptation of the text across languages.